Castleford Street, Green Bay

Design and build of four new two-storey dwellings on a corner site.

Consented under the Mixed Housing Suburban zone, the development and construction of four new dwellings associated with demolition of the existing dwelling, new vehicle crossings, wastewater system and stormwater irrigation.

In the serene neighbourhood of Green Bay, an old corner home property has undergone an impressive transformation, giving rise to four brand new 2-storey dwellings. Two of the dwellings stand independently on Lots 1 & 4, while Lots 2 & 3 are attached homes. Each residence allows 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and internal garage access.

From the outset, BCG assumed command of the project, engaging with client ideas, crafting architectural designs approved by Council, devising a construction timeline aligned with the projects scope, and overseeing a seamless progression to the final construction of the four new 2-storey dwellings.

Following the removal of existing home, installation of infrastructure, services and utilities, the implementation of these positive changes led to the creation of four residential units through infill development, onsite amenities and accessible outdoor living spaces.

BCG CONSTRUCTION built the dwellings to plan in variable size and formation to help contribute to the variety of housing while remaining in keeping with the neighbourhood’s planned suburban character. Visual dominance is minimised through the maintenance of existing vegetation, variant building setbacks across all dwellings and across floors, and the use of vertical and horizontal building materials to break up the building mass in its entirety and improve the appearance of the development.

The residences installed with windows on all external facades to improve ventilation and daylight access, additional storage provided within the garage, cavity space on the side of the dwellings for rubbish and recycling bins. Outdoor living spaces have suitable access to sunlight with alternative spaces to further improve sunlight access, north facing balconies. Privacy for outdoor space is maintained through the use of visually impermeable fencing, walls and landscaping.

Following the architectural and interior design plans, both exterior and interior materials were meticulously incorporated to the construction process, progressively bringing the home to life. Quality specifications and finishes were chosen to create a cohesive, modern and contemporary look and feel across all four homes.

BCG CONSTRUCTION made certain that the external materials worked together to positively influence the aesthetic of the development, incorporating features such as horizontal and vertical weatherboard cladding, longrun metal roofing and garage doors harmonising in colour with spouting and fascia, aluminium fencing and joinery, deck and glass balustrades.

Attention to detail was essential in achieving flawless fit out perfection, with a focus on installation precision and the elegant lines and finishes within the interior. This theme also applied to individual elements; bathware, appliances, lighting, flooring, cabinetry, wardrobes, tiling, hardware and handrails, wall and ceiling painting.

This corner section has experienced a significant change, now accommodating four 2-storey residences, two of which are standalone while the other two are attached. This revitalisation has breathed a new life into the property, returned on investment and exceeded residents’ level of happiness.


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