We know that being part of a community gives us a sense of belonging. The most essential element of a community is people. Communities are fundamental to how we live. Building community and social connections helps the wider community to share knowledge, values, attitudes, goals and support regardless of faith, race or life stage. But for a group of people to form a true community that enriches the lives of its people, the individuals involved must also feel a shared sense of trust, connection, and caring for one another.

As a company, BCG GROUP like to think we have the courage to inspire local community spirit. In our pursuit to build a better future for generations to come, we make a conscious effort to pay it forward.

In our immediate neighbourhood, we have a multitude of businesses, from real estate agencies, to pharmacies, cafes, restaurants, dairies, bakery – some were strangers at first but after a while have become our friends, allies and/or people we see providing additional community support.

We’re proud to say that we pay it forward to our local Primary Schools – supply students with school activity books in addition to the Skool Loop App developed to meet parent-teacher demand for simple communication between school staff and families. We also have an affiliation with lower decile Intermediate Schools – sponsoring school camps. We’re thrilled when we receive a personalised note and certificate in acknowledgement of our support.

We’re also big fans of Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust – providers of professional, efficient, emergency air, ambulance, search and rescue service staffed by highly experienced flight crew consisting of pilots, intensive care paramedics, doctors and air crew officers. Sponsoring a rescue mission means that we’re part of the solution in contributing funds, potentially saving someone’s life.

An empowered environment comes out of mutual trust and respect, it speaks to the importance of community where people have opportunities to have a sense of belonging a greater confidence and engagement with BCG GROUP and on an individual level.

BCG GROUP is committed to being better every day and our pursuit to build a better future for generations to come – it just feels right, good.