Residential real estate investment has emerged as a widely embraced path towards achieving financial stability. Recognising the promising growth potential within this market, BCG CAPITAL was established as our very own property development venture. Our primary focus lies in acquiring land, initiating development, and subsequently selling the properties.

Our expertise encompasses the comprehensive development of multi-unit complexes, duplexes, terrace housing, and walk-up apartments. We take charge of every stage of the project, commencing from the initial design and obtaining necessary Consents, all the way through to the subdivision process and the final completion of the development. We operate with a fixed price quotation and ensure adherence to a specified timeframe.

To ensure the seamless execution of our projects, we maintain a roster of dedicated professionals. This team includes proficient Planners, Architects, Urban Designers, Traffic Engineers, Surveyors, and Ecologists, all of whom we engage based on the specific needs of each undertaking. Their commitment and extensive experience are invaluable assets to our endeavours.

BCG CAPITAL is committed to constructing properties that will stand the test of time, benefitting generations to come. Our vision extends beyond immediate gains, emphasising the creation of enduring assets that will contribute to a sustainable and prosperous future. Through meticulous planning and unwavering dedication, we aim to leave a lasting mark on the landscape of residential real estate.

Our mission is clear: to build not only for the present, but also for the prosperity and security of future generations.