Want to realise your vision for subdivision development with an exceptional, all-encompassing team? At BCG GROUP we proudly offer one-stop-shop total building solutions for subdivision development.

In partnering with BCG GROUP, we simplify the entire process by maintaining an inhouse specialist team of Architectural Designers and a Construction team who understand the details and are determined to keep you well informed along the way, thus providing you peace of mind.

Subdivision is one of our building solutions which we deliver with the integrity, transparency and trustworthiness we bring to every project. The complexities of the subdivision process can vary greatly where the characteristics of obtaining Resource Consent and other relevant matters can add time to subdividing your section. BCG endeavour to help you understand the process, to make it as straightforward as possible, and give you the confidence to make the right decision.

With recent and significant changes to planning rules, the majority of Auckland property owners now have a greater opportunity to subdivide their properties as a result of Government’s National Policy Statement on Urban Development (NPS-UD) and Medium Density Residential Standards (MDRS). Given this knowledge, it may well be the ideal time to consider subdivision and build as an excellent investment opportunity, units can be sold or rented, or you may even wish to build a legacy for your family.

Although sounds like a lot to deal with, BCG GROUP will chair you, the landowner or developer throughout the subdivide & build process from the onset. We take accountability for major aspects: Architectural Design, Resource Consent, EPA, Building Consent, issue of title includes providing a statement of certifications, Code of Acceptance (COA) for installing the wastewater from Watercare, Code of Connection (COC) for the water meter installation, Engineer Approval Completion Certificate (EACC), Surveyor’s Land Transfer Title Plan (LT Plan), Solicitor’s S221 Consent Notice, Surveyor’s S223 Certificate, and 224c Certificate.

Place your trust in BCG GROUP to chair your subdivision & build project for certainty and peace of mind.

Specialists in Land Subdivision

The process of land subdivision can consider the conversion of one large property, which may be a parcel of land or a building, which is divided into two or more parts. These parts can be sold or split through separate ownership.

Whatever your reason for subdividing, our team can assist from planning to development. From the subdivision process to building new properties onsite, we are happy to help service your subdivision needs.

BCG GROUP’s In-House team

At BCG GROUP, we are driven to provide the best results possible, where our in-house construction workers and experienced team understand the requirements of each property, and the stage of the project. We keep the build on course, and we are accountable.

Learn more about our team today and understand the experience we have accrued from our time in the industry. You won’t look back after you get in touch with us on 09 828 6699 or by sending a message using our on-site tool.

Auckland Subdivision Rules and Regulations

The majority of the Auckland property owners now have greater opportunity to subdivide their properties as the result of Government NPS-UD and MDRS rules.

BCG has a complete understanding of the rules you must consider for the Auckland region, knowing precisely what is involved. Our team understands how daunting the process can be; we’re here to help with accurate costing, detailed breakdowns of each stage, and attentive employees who are always eager to answer any questions you may have.

Why Subdivide?

Are you considering your options for a new piece of land and wondering why you should subdivide? Subdividing land is an excellent investment opportunity in New Zealand, allowing for multiple options with the land which has been subdivided.

Subdivision can be an excellent choice when you have extra land you aren’t using. With this land, you can organise the construction of a new and entirely separate property, offering great benefits for your kids as they get on the property ladder, or as funds for your retirement.

Additionally, when considering the opportunity of subdivision for an additional income, by demolishing your existing dwelling to develop into multiple units which can be sold or rented, you can become a developer and start earning big money!

The prospect for developers for a property with approved plans can be attractive, as they look to buy, where you can value the property higher on the market.

Our Subdivision Process

The subdivision process at BCG GROUP begins with achieving Subdivision Resource Consent. Preliminary designs will be created for client approval and feasibility investigations undertaken. A topographical survey will be enacted on-site, and the preparation of Resource Consent will be organised. The application to Auckland Council will be followed by its approval, subject to conditions like building consent and the engineering plan approval.

Once Resource Consent, building consent and the engineering plan are approved by the council, work on the physical site will begin. Construction will include the completion of site works, with earthworks, drainage, common access way, and underground service being organised.

During the process, there are many process we are chairing for the land owner including: The issue of title includes providing a statement of certifications, including the Code of Acceptance (COA) for installing the Wastewater from Watercare, Code of Connection (COC) for the water meter installation, Engineer Approval Completion Certificate (EACC), Surveyor's Land Transfer Title Plan (LT Plan), Solicitor's S221 Consent Notice, Surveyor's S223 Certificate, and 224c Certificate.

The final stages of a subdivision include surveying and certification. These stages consider the surveying and preparation of new Survey Plans, which are to be submitted to Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) and to Auckland Council for their approval. The council will approve the Survey Plan if it conforms to the subdivision consent or certificate of compliance.

Costs of Subdivision

We aim to keep the costs as low as possible for the subdivision and development of land. Additionally, we are transparent when discussing the various consent requirements and cost of consent. We stay aware of changing rules and conditions from the local council, helping you make informed decisions regarding the subdivision of your property.

So whether you’re subdividing and developing property to sell or building a new place for your children to inherit, our team is here to help.