Evan Lin


Evan is highly committed to the construction industry, taking on the challenges of running a successful architecture and construction company as being an important progression in life. With extensive skill and experience of financial control, contract management, construction resource planning and management, knowledge and vision of health and safety, environmental and quality control, Evan is the intellectual powerhouse and driving force behind BCG.

Jacob Chen


With extensive knowledge across design, costing and practical construction, Jacob can balance from every perspective to effectively maximise the best interest  of either homeowner or developer. His ability in Recognising and Optimising Talent resulting in planned outcomes being achieved always. Even though market is evolving constantly, his team react and respond efficiently under his exceptional leadership.

Eric Lin

Construction Manager

With a strong portfolio of numerous successfully managed projects, Eric Lin is well known for his role in the construction industry, including developers, consultants, suppliers and subcontractors. As a leader, he is instrumental in driving new ways of thinking, efficiency and effectiveness. His wealth of construction success is amplified in Registered Master Builder marketing campaigns where Eric is seen to impart his building knowledge to a wider audience.

Lynn Liu

Master Foreman & Quality Auditor

Leading by example is our Master Foreman, Lynn. A remarkable character with an enormous wealth of knowledge and understanding of all aspects of construction. Fully qualified, licensed and quality assured, tirelessly working hands-on, very sharp eyes when it comes to the small details that make a big difference in meeting project budget and scheduled timeline.

Natalie Ferguson

Practice Manager

Natalie is the first face you’ll see upon entering BCG GROUP. She’ll welcome you with a warm smile and great chats to make you feel at ease. Nat’s a bit like our office mum – she’s nurturing, keeps us in line, she’s BCG’s right-hand-lady, organiser and cheerleader, essentially handling a bit of everything with boundless energy.

Diane Xu

Capital Property Development Director

Years of marketing and product positioning experience imparts a deeper understanding of property development potential. Diane plays a significant role in driving project success with an innate responsibility to develop the right plan in the right area, with the right pricing.

Nikki Dobbs

Property Development Consultant

With a ‘passion for all things property’ and a background in renovations and interior design, Nikki is first and foremost a client advocate. Focussed on a great customer experience while guiding clients through the Design-Build process.

Trevor Zhuang

Capital Fund Manager

A broad spectrum of skills; an experienced General Manager with a decade of expertise in trade and development, a solid grasp of business, finance and investor relations, Trevor’s primary role is to provide financial and investment advice that is always in the best interest of our investors.

Tony Weeber

Architectural Design Manager

After 40 years in the design business, there is a tremendous depth of knowledge that Tony can bring to the table and this is reflected in his understanding of your needs when he talks to you about your expectations and dreams.Tony leads our team of exceptionally talented designers and technicians to give you the most rewarding architectural design experience with an attitude towards excellence and total customer satisfaction.

Suzie Jiang

Architectural Designer

Suzie has honed her interest in residential design and development. After Tony Weeber, Suzie is our leading expert in Resource and Building Consent application. She’s an intelligent architectural designer, always thinking creatively to produce working alternative solutions to client needs.

Ahmed Parkar

Architectural Designer

9 years’ experience working across a variety of residential projects from standalone, renovations, extensions, relocations, terrace houses & more. Ahmed’s strength is in creating first-rate spaces that are aesthetically striking.

Zhenyu Li

Architectural Designer

Zhenyu holds a Master of Architecture degree from Unitec and has been working in the design field for over 10 years. He has extensive experience in the high-end residential projects.

Taylor Feng

Architectural Designer

6 years’ experience in the architectural field propelled Taylor to become a professional in medium to high density developments. She has a passion for designing high end quality homes and is keen to shape ideas that work in tune with client requirements. Having good relationships with consultants and clients is also key to successful architectural design projects.

Catherine Tanner

Architectural Designer

With over 15 years New Zealand experience in the residential sector, Catherine believes that with great design comes quality of life. Functional yet enjoyable spaces both indoors and out are the key while striving to always make the utmost of every site’s potential.

Linda Wang

Architectural Designer

Linda has diversified experience in architecture from concept design to construction of residential developments.The idea of the design is to establish a habitable residential environment. She has the sense of emotion to create pleasing spaces, bring functional, practical and sustainable into the design. She believes teamwork and communication are essential in completing a successful project.

Emma Wu

Architectural Technician

Thrives on any residential project involving feasibility design to working drawings. Emma is looking forward to future challenges especially when it comes to new city planning. She’s eager to learn and stretch herself to attain the absolute best result for all.

Zina Zhang

Quantity Surveyor Manager

You need a great deal of nous to lead a team and Zina has that in spades. She has a knack for communicating concisely with project teams, clients, site workers, suppliers, subcontractors and stakeholders. Exacting quality management, productivity, project budget management and business negotiation expertise.

Jennie Liu

Quantity Surveyor

Jennie is an experienced Quantity Surveyor with an impressive track record in the residential sector. She is skilled in cost management, procurement, negotiation, and quantity surveying. Resulting from her extensive experience, Jennie has developed a strong ability to work closely with her clients by understanding their key requirements, undertaking successful value management, negotiating cost-effective solutions, and procuring contracts within budget requirements.

Hedy Li

Quantity Surveyor

Quick wit, smart, and full of energy. Hedy helps to manage the finance for construction projects. She calculates the budgets based on clients’ requirements and prepares detailed estimates to ensure budgets and sufficient for each stage of construction.

Sam Tang

Quantity Surveyor

Commands a broad understanding of quantity survey across residential, public and commercial civil construction. Holds a solid background in STMS and contract administration. All this experience drives Sam to take a calculated approach to quantifying the materials for any given project.

Ai Win Ong

Lead Estimator

As Lead Estimator, Ai Win is solely responsible for preparing project quotes and specs, construction costings, tender documentation and other various building contracts (RMB, NZS3915, NZS3910). With a Diploma in Construction (QS Major) and multiple Excellence Awards, she believes that learning is a gift and is continually looking for improvements.

Fang Dong


Fang is a seasoned Quantity Surveyor (QS) experienced in overseeing both residential and commercial projects. With a proven track record, Fang has adeptly managed various projects, demonstrating expertise in cost control, quality assurance, and progress monitoring. Fang’s exceptional skills in forecasting, budget control, and variation maintenance further contribute to delivering successful outcomes for diverse construction ventures.

Sean Lin

Project Administrator

Sean brings a unique perspective, a decade of financial experience, and a range of administrative skills to ensure the smooth running of construction projects. Providing support to the team, Sean prepares documentation, monitors contracts and project budgets, data, invoicing and reporting throughout the project’s lifecycle.

Allen Song

Project Manager

Without question and in principle, Allen demonstrates a professional approach to all projects. It is evident when you meet Allen that he is an exceptional Project Manager – thoughtful and methodical with a firm grasp on construction management and negotiation.

Adrian Che

Project Manager

Brimming with integrity, reliability and a keen sense of responsibility in his focus to provide construction excellence. Adrian is calm under pressure, practical, serious, hardworking, ambitious, self-disciplined with perfected attention to detail.

Sean Yang

Project Manager

He’s sharp, responsive, a go-getter. Sean is an effective team player in that he is approachable, reliable, patient, places emphasis on detail and clear communication with the ultimate objective to deliver high quality completed projects.

Ralph Huang

Project Manager

Continually expanding his skills over five years in construction industry. Started as a carpenter, then site manager assistant to Site Manager, now a qualified Project Manager. Ralph pays great attention to details especially site Health & Safety. Always eager to learn and discover latest information about construction systems and methods.

Xinyi Dong

Project Manager

Having worked on a big commercial site as supervisor for a couple of years, Xinyi brings a professional view to our construction projects. He has a clear understanding of plans and can bring fresh ideas or different ways of thinking to the table.

Onebee Huang

Site Manager

Formerly a Carpenter with 8 years building experience, Onebee embraces the role of Site Manager with energy and enthusiasm. When he commits to a promise, always delivers. Takes an active approach to problem solving by listening and thinking from others’ perspective to better understand how he can help. Furthermore, he's fluent in several languages. From strength to strength is our Onebee, always striving to be better each day.

Allen Dang

Site Manager

A skilled professional with a Major in Engineering and Construction Management, Allen has honed his problem-solving abilities, held Council and Engineering consultations and inspections, with focus on quality assurance. His diverse experience and commitment to delivering exceptional results are fundamental to the completion of construction projects.

Lee Li

Site Manager Assistant

Full of life, hardworking, determined, open to new ideas and new learnings to grow. Lee has the qualities and capabilities to achieve his goals by studying and onsite learning from his well-rounded BCG Construction team.

Simon Ping

Warehouse Manager & Site Support

Simon brings a refreshing energy to the team. He is instrumental in effectively planning, purchasing and delivering building materials to BCG teams onsite. His role extends to that of Warehouse Manager where he is solely responsible for stock control management and liaison, ensuring tools, machinery & equipment is, at all times, in excellent working condition. Simon exhibits an upbeat can-do attitude, always willing to support the team wherever and whenever he can.

Amy Yan

Office Manager 

Detail-oriented, processes payments at a zero error rate, Amy is responsible for accounting functions, office assets and stock management. She’s naturally clever, precise, efficient, effective and supportive – all the qualities you need in day to day business operations.

Sophie Gao


Sophie is a highly skilled Group Accountant with over a decade of experience, holding qualifications from CAANZ, ACCA, and is a certified Financial Risk Manager (FRM). Besides being super-talented, Sophie is known for her thoughtfulness, energy and dedication to making a meaningful impact.

Tony Zhang

Health and Safety Manager

Tony is passionate about making workers aware of risks and educating them in H&S. He ensures that all Health & Safety requirements are met and he’s 110% committed to staff returning home safe every day.