Leybourne Circle, Glen Innes

Architecturally designed three-bedroom contemporary houses surrounded in nature.

Crossfields residential development involved the removal of the existing dwelling on the site and the subsequent construction of four new residential dwellings, and associated earthworks. Following construction, the property was to be subdivided so that each unit had its own title.

Amidst a remarkable natural environment and a welcoming local community, the four 2-storey attached homes feature 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and 1 covered carpark, setting the standard for family living in this flourishing and vibrant suburb of Glen Innes.

Over a period of time the existing home was demolished, elevation levels established, earthworks undertaken, excavated land rehabilitated, services infrastructure including wastewater, stormwater, water supply connected, underground network utilities power and telecommunications installed. Throughout, consideration made for resident driveway access and a new vehicle crossing, relocation of a power pole, detention/retention tank, reposition the wastewater manhole to enable more space for the protected tree on the berm of the property.

The completed homes sit on an elevated site articulated in modulation, cladding choice and variable design breaks up the bulk and mass of the buildings. This layout creates visual interest and variety in the residential character of the development, also the neighbourhood. The front yard landscaped area, primary/secondary outdoor living spaces along the street-facing boundary separated by pedestrian access appropriates a level of visual interest and provides interaction within the streetscape. The cantilevered portion above the outdoor living space has a positive effect on the functionality, usability and accessibility of these areas. North orientation with direct access from internal living spaces ensure the development and occupants alike have maximised the allowable square footage for each home.

BCG CONSTRUCTION’s in-house showroom boasts a diverse array of products from which client meticulously selected to elevate the aesthetic allure and visual appeal of Crossfields residential development. With deliberate focus on both exterior and interior materials, every specification chosen with the intention of enhancing style and visual interest. Beyond curating products, BCG CONSTRUCTION took full control of the project, overseeing the entire process from final plans to final construction – effectively managing and directing the development, collaborating with consultant agencies as needed to ensure timely completion and adherence to the scheduled works.

BCG CONSTRUCTION exemplified unwavering dedication to the project, underscoring the significance of being a reliable partner for the Crossfields residential development on behalf of Lighthouse Group.


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