Designing for Community Living: Tips for Building Successful Group Housing Developments

Group housing developments are becoming increasingly popular to provide affordable and accessible housing for all walks of life. A well-built development gives people a place truly call home. Outstanding developments can create a sense of community that enriches the lives of everyone there. 

However, like any kind of new building, designing a successful housing development requires careful planning and consideration of the needs of the intended residents and the surrounding environment. It’s not just about making the place sturdy, nor is it just about making it look nice. It’s about engaging the right team of designers, consultants and a reliable build partner who can steer you in the right direction, provide you the information you need to make the right decision and spearhead the entire process from beginning to end. 

That’s why we, the team at BCG GROUP, are here to help. We genuinely care about the world around us, we want our communities to become stronger, we want to provide future generations with homes that last a lifetime and are enjoyed by those who reside within. Together, we are making a difference. Read on to learn how!

Top Tips for Building a Successful Housing Development

Building a new housing development is a big undertaking but it can be entirely worth it if you make the right choices. Consider the following when planning your project:

  • Start with a clear vision.  One of the best ways to ensure that everyone working on the project stays on the same page is to have clear goals set. For example, why do you want to create a group housing development? What are your specific goals? Who is the intended target market? Are there any specific needs for the residents? Once you have a clear vision, it will be much easier to create a coherent design that works.
  • Create a sense of community.  Interestingly, successful group housing developments can make individuals, couples, families, everyone who lives there feel like they belong, they’re part of something bigger. It’s not just a place to stay; it’s a place that’s part of the wider community that you’ve had a hand in building. Residents should feel connected to one another and to the space they’re living in.
  • Consult your area/suburb building guidelines and regulations.  Your local Council (and/or Government) may have publicly accessible guidelines and tips for building new structures These guides can be very helpful, plus they’re worth looking into as they may help you to formulate great ideas for your group housing development project. Furthermore, check the New Zealand building laws and regulations for your area. Your trusted team of architectural designers and builders should already know these rules but there’s no harm in browsing through, to familiarise yourself. 
  • Incorporate sustainable and healthier home principles.  Healthy home standards introduce specific and minimum standards – it’s about planning to create healthy homes. Homestar considers energy, water, waste, ventilation, health and comfort, and other environmental factors. Aim is to improve the performance of new and existing homes, making them warm, healthy and comfortable. A 6 Homestar home will use significantly less energy and water, and will have less moisture or condensation issues, making it healthier to live in and more affordable to run. A 6 Homestar is now required for developments in Auckland’s Special Housing Areas.
  • Always pay attention to the details.  This is a useful tip for any type of project you’re working on regardless if it’s a group housing project or something else – always pay attention to the details. Even the smallest things can make a big difference so be sure you give it some thought and/or ask for advice from your trusted team in making the right choice. 
  • Hire a reliable team of builders.  Regardless of the size of the group housing or development project you want to build, absolutely always find an accomplished team of builders for your project. Dependable, experienced builders can make all the difference. Skillful builders can also help you with other tips in this article – they have the experience and knowledge needed to help you make informed choices.  

How to Find the Right Builder for Your Project

Finding a builder. At BCG GROUP, we believe we’re the right people for the job and we’ll gladly help you understand why.

There are a few key things you should look into before you hire a builder, for example:

  • Services.  Naturally, you’ll want to look at our services before you hire us. BCG GROUP offers a variety of services that will definitely be of benefit to you – our inhouse team specialises in total building solutions or as some may call it one-stop shop services – from initial meeting, architectural design, submission to Council, construction to completed build.
  • Portfolio.  You should never hire builders for group housing or development projects without looking at the successful projects they have worked on in the past. One of the best ways to see how great a construction company is, is by looking at their portfolio. You can view our portfolio on our website. Here you can find photos, videos and details about the structures and projects we have completed. We’ve loved working with so many people to create fantastic homes that make a difference, and we welcome you to see them. 

Ensure Your Next Building Project is a Success

BCG GROUP will do everything we can to make your group housing or development project a complete success. We believe in quality and providing high standard services by working hard to achieve your goal and we look forward to creating even more incredible developments in the future. Should you need BCG’s team of master builders for your next housing or development project, we’d be delighted to speak with you. Call us on T. 09 828 6699, via email [email protected] or through our website contact page.


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