New Windsor Road, New Windsor

Sitting back from the roadside is this New Windsor residential property originally built in 1966 with 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom and 1 parking space. Section 809m2, floor 124m2.

The time had come for a significant change to the property, specifically, subdivide and build two new homes as well as minor refinements to the existing home.

The Tham family had very high expectations and were determined to secure a highly regarded builder that they could place their trust in to construct the two new builds from plans that had been drafted by another architectural firm, with input from independent kitchen, bathroom & ensuite designer Kate Scott, Stick + Stones Design.

The section itself needed to be subdivided into 3 Lots – front (Lot 1), middle (Lot 2), rear (Lot 3). Noted, Lot 2 had an existing home that required renovation work (minor refinement), Lots 1 & 3 new home builds. Plans for Lot 3 had been approved, Lot 1 pending Council approval.

Turning to BCG CONSTRUCTION, the Tham family dream was about to become a reality.

In keeping our commitment to the construction programme, scheduled works kicked into full swing. Marking out the 3 Lots, building the retaining wall, connection to public & private drainage, driveway and foundation works supported the site taking shape. Not long following, the structure of the two new home builds began as did the minor improvements to Lot 2. There was a slight interruption with Auckland going into Covid lockdown and material shortages nationwide but that didn’t stop BCG CONSTRUCTION team – within a year all three homes from exterior to interior were completed on time and on budget.

As a result, we can say the family is very happy indeed. A renovated home plus two new builds present the family a new lease of life, room to grow and hope for future family generations to come.


New Windsor 3
New Windsor 1
New Windsor 2
New Windsor 4
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New Windsor 9
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