Drake Street, Howick

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In mid-May 2022, the initial contact with BCG GROUP was established through a telephone conversation to kickstart discussions with regards to a 12 unit townhouse development. The clients expressed their preference to meet in person, emphasising the importance of ensuring that BCG was the right fit for their needs before sharing their plans. This cautious approach was motivated by the fact that the clients’ chosen construction team for the project couldn’t handle multiple builds and consequently withdrew. This left the developer in a challenging position, prompting the clients to search for an alternative construction company to collaborate with and bring the project to completion.

Late June, formal introductions and the initial discussion took place at the BCG GROUP office. This face-to-face meeting allowed both parties to become acquainted, fostering an open forum for in-depth discussions regarding BCG’s company background and team, services, process, and project management for the construction phase. It was also an opportunity to address any questions or concerns. During this meeting, the client confirmed that 8 out of the 12 units had already been pre-sold. Additionally, the client shared the approved Resource Consent and EPA for the 12-unit development, emphasising their determination to swiftly secure a builder who could bring their vision to fruition. As a result, site visits were scheduled for the next day to provide additional reassurance by showcasing BCG’s completed multi-unit projects.

The 12 unit townhouse development commenced end of 2022 and was successfully completed mid September 2023.


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