Awaroa Road, Sunnyvale

Homes for the communities. This Kainga Ora development has been thoughtfully designed and built, making sure the goal of making New Zealand a great place to live is achieved!

The Awaroa Homes are a combination of three vigorously designed blocks. While the two-storey houses with opening living space situated at the ground level idea are identical across the blocks, Block A accommodates larger families with its four-double-bedrooms and a shared bathroom on the first floor, while Block B and C are decent for majority people’s need to a three-bedrooms houses.

With the idea of establishing a low-maintenance and sustainability homes, this development has been meticulously planned from the design phrase to the material and specification selections. To ensure that the houses are energy efficient, healthy and comfortable to live in, these homes are built with the standard of 6 Homestar NZGBC rating and completed with exceeding the minimum points requirement.

Colorsteel metal roofing, contrasting dual colour brick cladding, concrete driveway and carpark enabled the future building maintenance requirement to be lowest. Moving towards the main entrance is a ramp built to assist with accessible admission, sensor light indicating visitor’s present and peephole to further enhance security.

Private spaces in the house such as kitchen and bathrooms are designed not only to have adequate size for the occupants, but more importantly, focusing to be safe and minimise risks. Stainless steel and high-pressured-laminated kitchen benchtop not only distinguish the wet and dry bench area, but also ensure the durability and increase lifespan, while the tall pantry design and designated space for waste and recycling have caringly considered users’ need and created ample storage space.

The idea of safety and low-maintenance home is continued to the flooring section, with slip-resistance and easy-to-clean vinyl flooring to the kitchen, dining room, laundry and bathroom and 100% solution dyed nylon fibre loop-pile carpet to all bedrooms. To guarantee the house have enough natural light, all habitat rooms are designed with good-sized window(s). The restrictors stays specially added to all windows further encourage natural ventilation all the time while home safety is promised.

The overarching concept of design and construction centres on the individuals residing within and how they interact with the spaces, ensuring their well-being, comfort and happiness. Ultimately contributes to enhancing Kainga Ora’s mission and reputation in delivering exceptional living conditions for New Zealand communities.


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