Property Development – Building Dreams & Creating Futures

BCG can provide you with practical, step by step insight for beginners, investors and property developers. With site selected, BCG can walk you through each phase of the property development process to show you how careful planning can significantly enhance returns on your investment.

BCG subdivisions provide new cost-effective building methods and we can illustrate these ideas in action. Our focus is on providing one stop professional services that go hand in hand with practical outcomes to minimise risk and maximise returns. We retain a portfolio of committed, dedicated and experienced Planners, Architects, Urban Designers, Traffic Engineers, Surveyors and Ecologist – share with us your idea, we will run initial feasibility, conduct meetings, draft proposal, undertake all phases of the project from design and consent to the subdivision and complete build of your development. We’ll even provide a fixed price quote and guaranteed timeframe. Investing in residential real estate is becoming a popular avenue to financial security. It’s time to make property development feasible within your time and budget constraints, netting you more profit and less inconvenience. Start living the subdivision / property development dream with BCG.

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