Sunderlands Road, Half Moon Bay

With a growing family, a young couple were looking to invest in their future, and in doing so decided the time had come to develop their home in East Auckland, Half Moon Bay. The couple, seeking a construction team that was able to build two new dwellings and take ownership of the project until handover, entered into a build partnership with BCG. Supplied with Council approved documents, at remarkable speed BCG executed the project with precision, guided by a programmed construction schedule and a confident team committed to meeting client expectations, while adhering to the contracted timeline and budget. 

Extraordinary attention was paid to the choice of materials, given confirmation the couple saw one of the dwellings as their forever family home and the other as a return on their investment.

Having applied horizontal weatherboard cladding in contrasting dark and light tones, along with trapezoidal endure longrun roofing in a deep shade, complemented by spouting, fascia and aluminium joinery in a corresponding colour, signifies a robust construction and a commanding presence along the street front.

Internally, the diverse selection of materials used unveils practical and functional homes, featuring a design aesthetic that imparts a feeling of dimension, luxury and timelessness – an idea deeply ingrained in the couple’s vision from the very beginning.


Sunderlands – 1
Sunderlands – 2
Sunderlands – 3
Sunderlands – 5
Sunderlands – 6
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Sunderlands – 13
Sunderlands – 14
Sunderlands – 15
Sunderlands – 16
Sunderlands – 17
Sunderlands – 18
Sunderlands – 19
Sunderlands – 20
Sunderlands – 21
Sunderlands – 22
Sunderlands – 23
Sunderlands – 24
Sunderlands – 25
Sunderlands – 26
Sunderlands – 27
Sunderlands – 28
Sunderlands – 29
Sunderlands – 30
Sunderlands – 31
Sunderlands – 32
Sunderlands – 33
Sunderlands – 34
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