Remuera Road, Remuera

Golf View – 7 townhouses built to rent with the perfect balance of luxury and convenience.

James is in the building industry himself; he runs own company The Renovation Team, which assists investors in adding value to their rental properties. His aim is to continue building rental property complexes until he has built up enough of a portfolio. He also aims to use these as a method to educate other investors who want to do the same. He is very active in the investor market and has a large network of contacts who are looking to invest in their property.

When BCG initially approached James, he stated that he was interested in building rental properties for himself and the investor market, but his team were only geared for renovations. He needed to partner with a professional and reliable company that specialised in turnkey terrace house new build construction. James had already gone through extensive planning with his architect and was looking for the right building company with experience in that market.

In the planning stage, BCG team met with the architects to discuss more efficient ways to build the complex, which would reduce costs and complexity. For example, building on an elevated and sloping site with approximately 7 metres difference between top and bottom lots, excavation, retaining wall, backfill, and laying stepped foundations to maintain structural integrity. James took our recommendations on board and the plans were changed accordingly. We were able to affect these changes early on in the process and thus add value in terms of building knowledge.

In terms of design, it was important to James that the front two larger properties were the ‘flagships’ for the complex, so a lot of care was taken to get the layout right and create a great first impression. This also meant ensuring that the street appeal for the front two properties was considered. During the selection process James, his wife, and their designer met at BCG offices to select materials. Time and care were taken to select quality materials with great impact and a consistent theme throughout. Solely focusing on rental properties, choosing the right materials was key – needed to have longevity, look good, aim more toward the high end tenant, so fittings and fixtures were at times upgraded from standard to give a more high-end finish.

The overall design and features of these townhouses aim to provide a comfortable and contemporary living experience for the residents, with an emphasis on both practicality and aesthetic appeal. Now completed, each townhouse boasts good sized bedrooms, plenty of wardrobe space, fully tiled bathroom, walk in shower and underfloor heating system. Also open plan kitchen and living space with timber flooring, high stud ceiling and large double glazed windows allowing infinite natural light to stream in. Outside, a low-maintenance private garden, undercover tiled deck perfect for hosting barbecues and engaging in other outdoor activities. Resident car parking with EV charging connections located in the middle of the complex.

Exterior materials: James Hardie Linea Oblique Weatherboard (Dulux Adios & Grey Master), brick veneer (Chalk), Corrugated Colorsteel Endura Longrun Metal Roofing (Ironsand) used to create an attractive and durable façade. Aluminium joinery, concrete driveway and permeable paving also add to the overall aesthetic and functionality of the complex.

Interior materials: bathrooms and ensuites are adorned with Stella Grey tiles for a sleek and modern look, kitchens feature Florencia Bianco splashback tiles, beautifully made stone benchtops, and dark kitchen cabinetry to add a touch of elegance to the cooking area.

“Looking back this was the right decision. We have accomplished. Nice high quality, good numbers and really enjoyed the journey with BCG. This is a whole new thing, type of build. The network of people introduced to this project have all been complementary. Working on next project already”



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