Aldersgate Road, Hillsborough

Redevelopment of site to provide for the construction of 2 new standalone dwellings and the subsequent two lot fee simple subdivision around the new dwellings.

The application for the redevelopment of the site situated at Aldersgate Road involved the removal of the current building and the erection of two new residential units. To gain a thorough understanding of the project, BCG CONSTRUCTION conducted preliminary site inspections and observed that the site had an irregular shape with a slope from north to south (or back to front). Additionally, there is a double storey dwelling situated central on the property, slated for demolition.

Sighting the positioning of the two new standalone dwellings, Unit 1 is facing towards the north western corner of the site with Unit 2 located within the south eastern section. Both dwellings are 2-storey with a double garage. Outward appearance achieved through variation of materials and architectural features, including the mixture of horizontal cladding, vertical sections and window sizes. Modulation achieved through variation of the roof forms and setbacks. The homes have multiple glazing areas, private outdoor living spaces and an outlook space provided from habitable rooms, ensuring passive surveillance and visual interest. The grounds are well landscaped around each of the new dwellings with high quality planting of various species and sizes. Furthermore, all service bins are located out of sight, ensuring that the development looks tidy from the surrounding environment.

The ground floor of both dwellings similar in layout. Unit 1 consists of a large open plan kitchen with a walk-in pantry, living and dining area, 3-bedrooms with one containing an ensuite and a family bathroom. Unit 2 has an open plan living and dining area with a linked kitchen, as well as 2-bedrooms, one of which has an ensuite and a family bathroom. Both dwellings have a deck on the first floor at ground level height due to the site typography. The homes have been clad with a mixture of vertical and horizontal cladding in a varying colour scheme to provide high amenity.

Earthworks involved a total area of 452m2, with a cut and fill volume of 128m3 and 47m3 respectively. Also to create the building platforms, outdoor areas, and the shared driveway. Cut retaining walls along the western boundary, adjacent to the accessway. Connections to three waters and network utilities accordingly, stormwater extension from existing stormwater manhole in the shared accessway to service the development such that each Lot has a new connection.

The Aldersgate redevelopment project highlights superb design and construction, resulting in the establishment of two new residences which ensure that both neighbourhood and streetscape character and amenity is maintained.


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