15 Tips for Choosing a Renovation Contractor in Auckland

Choosing a renovation contractor in Auckland is a big decision. The renovation is a major expense, plus you want the job to be done well. It’s important you trust and like working with the contractor too, as this makes the process much easier.

You also need to consider that renovation projects are different from new builds. In a renovation project, the builder will be in your home and may need to access areas of your home that are not included in the renovation work.

Therefore, it’s crucial the renovation contractor respects your property and family life while also minimising the impact the work has on areas that are not being renovated.

The following 15 tips will help you choose the right renovation contractor.

Find &Assess

  1. Don’t start the process too late – the best renovation contractors in Auckland can be booked up far in advance. So, to make sure you are not disappointed, don’t leave your search too late.
  2. Speak to friends, family, and colleagues – one of the best sources of information to find renovation contractors in Auckland is to ask friends, family, and colleagues for recommendations.
  3. Check the internet and look at reviews – this includes rating services focused on the building industry, like NoCowboys.
  4. Find out if the builder is registered – check the Master Builders Association or with NZ Certified Builders.
  5. Check the builder is offering the full range of services you require – do you need a design and build service, for example, or does the builder offer project management services?
  6. Get more than one quote – this will let you compare prices as well as the services offered, levels of experience, and more.
  7. Remember, the cheapest quote is rarely, if ever, the best – it’s important you get an understanding of why some contractors have higher costs than others. This includes making sure lower bidders are basing their costs on the same thing as higher bidders, or are they pricing based on the assumption they will be able to revise the design in some way to make it cheaper. You also have to think of costs over the duration of the project. After all, what looks cheap initially could end up being the most expensive.
  8. Don’t base your decision solely on cost – following on from the last point, you should consider the service the builder is offering as a whole rather than looking at price alone.
  9. Find out about the experiences of others – check testimonials and, if possible, speak to past clients of the builders whose quotes you are interested in.

Additional Questions to Ask and Things to Check

  1. Check guarantees that are offered – reputable builders offer guarantees on the work they do. At Brothers Construction Group, for example, we offer a 10-year Master Builders Guarantee on our projects as standard.
  2. Ask about quality control procedures – specifically, find out if quality control is an afterthought or a central part of the builder’s services.
  3. Find out about the subcontractors the builder uses – the best builders will use a very select list of subcontractors who they have experience working with.
  4. Ask about health and safety policies and procedures – health and safety must be taken seriously with no shortcuts.
  5. Check contracts – you first need to make sure your renovation contractor supplies you with a contract. This is essential. Then, make sure you read it thoroughly to ensure you understand the terms.
  6. Do you like them – finally, ask yourself whether you think you will like working with the contractor. This is more important than you might think.