10 Things Your Builder Needs Before Starting Work on Your Renovation in Auckland

Getting your renovation project in Auckland off to a good start is important and ensuring your builder has the information they need is a key part of this.

There may be specific things required for your renovation, but the following 10 apply to almost all projects.

  1. Property File

The builder who originally built your home is likely to have created a property file which is a collection of documents held bylocal council. It comprises important information about the structure of the home as well as other elements including architect drawings, letters of communication, building and drainage plans, approvals and compliance, consent applications and more. This information will certainly help your builder plan the renovation work.

  1. Working Drawings and Specification

You will need working drawings to obtain building consent from the council. Your builder will need these drawings as well. Make sure you give your renovation builder working drawings rather than concept or design drawings.

Also, your architectwill probably create a specification document outlining the finish, materials, and fittings. Your builder will need this too.

  1. Structural Calculations

Many renovation projects, particularly those that involve building an extension, need structural calculations produced by a structural engineer. Your builder will need these to ensure the build is structurally sound.

  1. Start & Finish Dates

The schedule of your build is important, so make sure your builder knows your expected start and finish dates as soon as possible.

  1. Whether You Plan to Live in the House During the Work

Depending on the extentof your renovation, it mightbe necessary for you to vacate your home during the period of works. However, this may not always be possible for a variety of reasons. Alternatively, if you are planning on living in the house throughout the renovation, notify your builder in advance.

There will be disruption, but a good renovation builder will be able to minimise that disruption as much as possible.

  1. Signed Contracts

You should always make sure your renovation builder gives you a contract. You will need to read and make sure you are happy with this contract. You will then need to send it back to the builder before the building work begins.

  1. Details of Who Will Make Decisions

Even with the most carefully planned renovation projects, decisions still have to be made during the build. These decisions can take longer than necessary in some situations and can even disrupt the schedule. Therefore, it’s helpful if you think about this in advance.

  1. How to Contact You

Your builder will need to communicate with you throughout the build, so they will need your contact details. Let the builder know if you have a preferred method of contact too.

  1. Your Expectations in Relation to Communication

Good communication is crucially important to all building projects. There are different ways to communicate, however, so let your builder know what you expect in advance. This will prevent frustrations from developing later in the build.

  1. Details of Any Suppliers You Want to Use

Have you identified suppliers you want to use, such as a kitchen supplier, for example, or a supplier of the tiles you want to use in the bathroom? Your builder will need this information.

Collaborative Effort

High-quality builders in Auckland will take steps to make the renovation process as hassle-free as possible. It’s a collaborative effort, though. Providing the above information as early as you can is a good place to start.