Gabriel Thalari

BCG was recommended to my wife and I to build our first family house via our land sales agent. The initial few meetings with the team was jam packed full of information in regards to the process, design, construction, our requirements etc. Least to say it was information overload but in an exciting way. The first part of the construction was handled extremely professionally by the BCG architectural team, especially Tony who sent us an initial idea and completely changed everything everything to match our needs and wants for our home. They made the process seamless, intriguing and very exciting. The middle part of the build involved the construction process of our dream first house. The beginning of the construction was very exciting for us. The team was on point with timing initially even with COVID. This is the reason I haven’t given this company 5 stars. Post lockdown 2, communication started declining between us the client and the site manager/team leader for our build. At certain points it felt like there was no movement in the build and things slows down. Updates were less informative as we had become accustomed to and work seemed to have decreased overtime. This is the only negative experience we had with this team but it’s a big negative because it deal with Communication with the client. The last part of the build is where I decided to contact the owner, Jacob, of the business to express my concerns and frustrations of the build and that things needed to change. Guess what he changed everything around. He arrived early the next day with someone named Sean at the build and started immediately changing things and getting things back in line. It was a massive transformation to what we got used to vs what he himself expected to occur and apologized about how things were handled by the site managers. Sean was a bit of a God send. He picked up things that I would have had to point out initially to the previous site managers and he made the final part of the build so much more easier
Least to say Jacob Chen is what made this build a success ultimately. The beginning of the build was wonderful, the middle had hiccups but the ending result is what mattered the most and Jacob was able to pull it all together to create a wonderful family home for my family. Would I recommend BCG to my friends and family who are looking to build a house….Yes I would but with clauses. I would highly recommend Jacob Chen, owner/director of BCG, Tony Werner, Senior Architect, Ai Win Ong, Quantity Surveyor, Sean, BCG Team Member (Build Saver) and Sam Tang. These guys in the team are what saved this build and ultimately are the reason why I would recommend them to anyone. They would’ve have gotten 5 stars from me without the communication issues but I think this business is on the up with the people I’ve mentioned spearheading the company. Thank you BCG it has been an experience building with your team and we look forward to seeing how much you grow as a team and we look forward to being in our house for a long time.

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