Minor Dwelling

Minor and Secondary Dwellings Construction in Auckland

You can benefit from the space on your property if you build a minor or secondary dwelling. These buildings will add value to your property, plus they can be useful if you have a growing family or needs that your current home doesn’t fully meet.

At Brother’s Construction Group, we can build whatever type, style or size of minor or secondary dwelling you need.

What is a minor or secondary dwelling, though? A secondary dwelling is smaller than your main house. It provides separate living accommodation and is often referred to as a granny flat.

They are ideal if you need living arrangements that are more flexible, or if you want to accommodate more people in your home.

What Do You Want to Achieve?

We have experience in all the following scenarios:

    • Minor or secondary dwellings that you rent out to earn additional income
    • Living space for elderly parents
    • Additional living space for a growing family
    • Adding value to your property without altering or extending your main home


What You Can Expect from Us

  • We have detailed knowledge of all local and national legislation covering minor and secondary dwellings
  • Our team can help with every stage of the project including concept development, design, construction and decorating
  • We are professional and will treat your home and your family with respect

Our Services

We have a reputation for completing complex and challenging projects to the highest industry standards, safely, on time and within budget.