Awaroa Road, Sunnyvale

Homes for the communities. This Kainga Ora development has been thoughtfully designed and built, making sure the goal of making New Zealand a great place to live is achieved!

The Awaroa Homes are a combination of three vigorously designed blocks. While the two-storey houses with opening living space situated at the ground level idea are identical across the blocks, Block A accommodates larger families with its four-double-bedrooms and a shared bathroom on the first floor, while Block B and C are decent for majority people’s need to a three-bedrooms houses.

With the idea of establishing a low-maintenance and sustainability homes, this development has been meticulously planned from the design phrase to the material and specification selections. To ensure that the houses are energy efficient, healthy and comfortable to live in, these homes are built with the standard of 6 Homestar NZGBC rating and completed with exceeding the minimum points requirement.

Colorsteel metal roofing, contrasting dual colour brick cladding, concrete driveway and carpark enabled the future building maintenance requirement to be lowest. Moving towards the main entrance is a ramp built to assist with accessible admission, sensor light indicating visitor’s present and peephole to further enhance security.

Private spaces in the house such as kitchen and bathrooms are designed not only to have adequate size for the occupants, but more importantly, focusing to be safe and minimise risks. Stainless steel and high-pressured-laminated kitchen benchtop not only distinguish the wet and dry bench area, but also ensure the durability and increase lifespan, while the tall pantry design and designated space for waste and recycling have caringly considered users’ need and created ample storage space.

The idea of safety and low-maintenance home is continued to the flooring section, with slip-resistance and easy-to-clean vinyl flooring to the kitchen, dining room, laundry and bathroom and 100% solution dyed nylon fibre loop-pile carpet to all bedrooms. To guarantee the house have enough natural light, all habitat rooms are designed with good-sized window(s). The restrictors stays specially added to all windows further encourage natural ventilation all the time while home safety is promised.

The overarching concept of design and construction centres on the individuals residing within and how they interact with the spaces, ensuring their well-being, comfort and happiness. Ultimately contributes to enhancing Kainga Ora’s mission and reputation in delivering exceptional living conditions for New Zealand communities.


Awaroa Rd 01
Awaroa Rd 02
Awaroa Rd 03
Awaroa Rd 04
Awaroa Rd 05
Awaroa Rd 06
Awaroa Rd 07
Awaroa Rd 08
Awaroa Rd 09
Awaroa Rd 10
Awaroa Rd 11
Awaroa Rd 12
Awaroa Rd 13
Awaroa Rd 14
Awaroa Rd 15
Awaroa Rd 16
Awaroa Rd 17
Awaroa Rd 18
Awaroa Rd 19
Awaroa Rd 20
Awaroa Rd 21
Awaroa Rd 22
Awaroa Rd 23
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Awaroa Rd 24
Awaroa Rd 25
Awaroa Rd 26
Awaroa Rd 27
Awaroa Rd 28
Awaroa Rd 29
Awaroa Rd 30
Awaroa Rd 31
Awaroa Rd 32
Awaroa Rd 33
Awaroa Rd 34
Awaroa Rd 35
Awaroa Rd 36
Awaroa Rd 37
Awaroa Rd 38
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Point England Road, Point England

Situated at the corner of Point England Road and Holland Avenue, the 15-unit development of Point England Homes showcases a harmonious blend of modern design and quality materials. Each unit is meticulously crafted using durable metal roofing and James Hardie fibre-cement weatherboards, including James Hardie Stria panel, James Hardie Linea weatherboard, and James Hardie Linea Oblique weatherboard. These materials not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of the homes but also ensure longevity and resilience against the elements.

From Point England Road, Lots 1-6 stand proudly beneath their saw-tooth roofs, complemented by the dual pitches on each side, while the unique Lot 7 at the corner boasts a striking trapezoid wall. Turning into Holland Avenue, the main entrance welcomes residents and visitors alike, with Lots 8-10 featuring identical gable roofs and Lot 9 seamlessly blending between them with its low-pitched roofline.

The access into this development is facilitated by a pair of smooth metal swing gates, adding to both its authenticity and security. As one moves along the pedestrian walkway, constructed from permeable set pavers to differentiate it from the shared concrete driveway, the attention to detail becomes evident. Behind the designated parking areas, Lots 11-15 extend the architectural design of the front lots, completing the captivating ensemble of Point England Homes.

Each of these homes is uniquely designed with different specifications to suit the public’s tastes. Upon entering through the main door and unlocking the smart digital lock, one is embraced by the open-plan living, dining, and kitchen area. Equipped with modern Bosch appliances, the kitchen is beautifully designed using distinctive colour tones. Lots 1-7 and Lots 11-15 feature a welcoming warm tone, with kitchen cabinetry combining pure nature white and oak coloured grained pattern cabinetry panels, paired with white marble looking durable engineered stone and glossy cloud coloured subway tile splashback. The premium laminated timber floor in natural oak colour throughout the open plan ground floor further complements the overall scheme. In contrast, Lots 8-10 feature a more dramatic and firmer feeling kitchen with storm grey and dark wooden grained panels, synthesised with pure white engineered stone benchtops and large sized marble patterned tile splashbacks.

Moving upwards via the carpeted staircase leads to the private bedrooms and bathrooms. Those impressed by the spacious living space in Lot 7 will find even more comfort in the private space on the first floor. The designer’s ingenuity is evident in the brilliantly used spaces, with both bedrooms offering street views and spacious walk-in wardrobes, adding a touch of luxury to a terraced home.

In addition to a shared family bathroom, Lots 1-8 have the added privilege of an ensuite in the master bedroom. The fully tiled bathroom features a grid-pattern laid subway tile as a feature wall, further enhanced by the bold Sage colour for the feature tile. While the unique subway feature tile wall in Desert colour adds character to the bathrooms of other lots, upgrades such as benchtop basins, custom vanity, wall basin mixers, and massive round framed mirrors from well-known suppliers contribute to the modern, bright, and minimalist design aesthetic.


Pt England Road – 1
Pt England Road – 2
Pt England Road – 3
Pt England Road – 4
Pt England Road – 5
Pt England Road – 6
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Pt England Road – 7
Pt England Road – 8
Pt England Road – 9
Pt England Road – 10
Pt England Road – 11
Pt England Road – 12
Pt England Road – 13
Pt England Road – 14
Pt England Road – 15
Pt England Road – 16
Pt England Road – 17
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Leybourne Circle, Glen Innes

Architecturally designed three-bedroom contemporary houses surrounded in nature.

Crossfields residential development involved the removal of the existing dwelling on the site and the subsequent construction of four new residential dwellings, and associated earthworks. Following construction, the property was to be subdivided so that each unit had its own title.

Amidst a remarkable natural environment and a welcoming local community, the four 2-storey attached homes feature 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and 1 covered carpark, setting the standard for family living in this flourishing and vibrant suburb of Glen Innes.

Over a period of time the existing home was demolished, elevation levels established, earthworks undertaken, excavated land rehabilitated, services infrastructure including wastewater, stormwater, water supply connected, underground network utilities power and telecommunications installed. Throughout, consideration made for resident driveway access and a new vehicle crossing, relocation of a power pole, detention/retention tank, reposition the wastewater manhole to enable more space for the protected tree on the berm of the property.

The completed homes sit on an elevated site articulated in modulation, cladding choice and variable design breaks up the bulk and mass of the buildings. This layout creates visual interest and variety in the residential character of the development, also the neighbourhood. The front yard landscaped area, primary/secondary outdoor living spaces along the street-facing boundary separated by pedestrian access appropriates a level of visual interest and provides interaction within the streetscape. The cantilevered portion above the outdoor living space has a positive effect on the functionality, usability and accessibility of these areas. North orientation with direct access from internal living spaces ensure the development and occupants alike have maximised the allowable square footage for each home.

BCG CONSTRUCTION’s in-house showroom boasts a diverse array of products from which client meticulously selected to elevate the aesthetic allure and visual appeal of Crossfields residential development. With deliberate focus on both exterior and interior materials, every specification chosen with the intention of enhancing style and visual interest. Beyond curating products, BCG CONSTRUCTION took full control of the project, overseeing the entire process from final plans to final construction – effectively managing and directing the development, collaborating with consultant agencies as needed to ensure timely completion and adherence to the scheduled works.

BCG CONSTRUCTION exemplified unwavering dedication to the project, underscoring the significance of being a reliable partner for the Crossfields residential development on behalf of Lighthouse Group.


Leybourne Circle 1
Leybourne Circle 2
Leybourne Circle 3
Leybourne Circle 4
Leybourne Circle 5
Leybourne Circle 6
Leybourne Circle 7
Leybourne Circle 8
Leybourne Circle 9
Leybourne Circle 10
Leybourne Circle 11
Leybourne Circle 12
Leybourne Circle 13
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Leybourne Circle 14
Leybourne Circle 15
Leybourne Circle 16
Leybourne Circle 17
Leybourne Circle 18
Leybourne Circle 19
Leybourne Circle 20
Leybourne Circle 21
Leybourne Circle 22
Leybourne Circle 23
Leybourne Circle 24
Leybourne Circle 25
Leybourne Circle 26
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Castleford Street, Green Bay

Design and build of four new two-storey dwellings on a corner site.

Consented under the Mixed Housing Suburban zone, the development and construction of four new dwellings associated with demolition of the existing dwelling, new vehicle crossings, wastewater system and stormwater irrigation.

In the serene neighbourhood of Green Bay, an old corner home property has undergone an impressive transformation, giving rise to four brand new 2-storey dwellings. Two of the dwellings stand independently on Lots 1 & 4, while Lots 2 & 3 are attached homes. Each residence allows 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and internal garage access.

From the outset, BCG assumed command of the project, engaging with client ideas, crafting architectural designs approved by Council, devising a construction timeline aligned with the projects scope, and overseeing a seamless progression to the final construction of the four new 2-storey dwellings.

Following the removal of existing home, installation of infrastructure, services and utilities, the implementation of these positive changes led to the creation of four residential units through infill development, onsite amenities and accessible outdoor living spaces.

BCG CONSTRUCTION built the dwellings to plan in variable size and formation to help contribute to the variety of housing while remaining in keeping with the neighbourhood’s planned suburban character. Visual dominance is minimised through the maintenance of existing vegetation, variant building setbacks across all dwellings and across floors, and the use of vertical and horizontal building materials to break up the building mass in its entirety and improve the appearance of the development.

The residences installed with windows on all external facades to improve ventilation and daylight access, additional storage provided within the garage, cavity space on the side of the dwellings for rubbish and recycling bins. Outdoor living spaces have suitable access to sunlight with alternative spaces to further improve sunlight access, north facing balconies. Privacy for outdoor space is maintained through the use of visually impermeable fencing, walls and landscaping.

Following the architectural and interior design plans, both exterior and interior materials were meticulously incorporated to the construction process, progressively bringing the home to life. Quality specifications and finishes were chosen to create a cohesive, modern and contemporary look and feel across all four homes.

BCG CONSTRUCTION made certain that the external materials worked together to positively influence the aesthetic of the development, incorporating features such as horizontal and vertical weatherboard cladding, longrun metal roofing and garage doors harmonising in colour with spouting and fascia, aluminium fencing and joinery, deck and glass balustrades.

Attention to detail was essential in achieving flawless fit out perfection, with a focus on installation precision and the elegant lines and finishes within the interior. This theme also applied to individual elements; bathware, appliances, lighting, flooring, cabinetry, wardrobes, tiling, hardware and handrails, wall and ceiling painting.

This corner section has experienced a significant change, now accommodating four 2-storey residences, two of which are standalone while the other two are attached. This revitalisation has breathed a new life into the property, returned on investment and exceeded residents’ level of happiness.


Castleford St 1
Castleford St 2
Castleford St 3
Castleford St 4
Castleford St 5
Castleford St 6
Castleford St 7
Castleford St 8
Castleford St 9
Castleford St 10
Castleford St 11
Castleford St 12
Castleford St 13
Castleford St 14
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Castleford St 15
Castleford St 16
Castleford St 17
Castleford St 18
Castleford St 19
Castleford St 20
Castleford St 21
Castleford St 22
Castleford St 23
Castleford St 24
Castleford St 25
Castleford St 26
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View Road, Mt Eden

The client came to us with an architects concept for a two storey house on their site. BCG ARCHITECTURE took the architects concept and brought together a well-defined two storey house along with moving the studio to be attached to the existing house. 

The client’s husband was experiencing some physical issues that meant the house had to be considered for long term medical care and also be able to accommodate their daughter’s family. 

The site was in two titles and the planning required to achieve an additional house on the property was quite difficult. The house concept was not what the Council officers were looking for in a historical zone. Quite a lot of time was taken ensuring that the design concept, materials, colours and planning rules were very specific and tailored to the philosophy of a historical setting. 

The Council were a particular hurdle that needed to be addressed as the historical zoning and the architectural concept were in direct conflict, so BCG ARCHITECTURE took action to address these concerns. We spent a considerable amount of time in discussion with Council officers to ensure that the concept was acceptable. Colour boards were provided along with a significant amount of resource consent documentation to ensure we got approval. The subsequent building consent process was very simple and efficient. 

BCG ARCHITECTURE had a great team of consultants involved to ensure that we got the Resource Consent (RC) through Council and then on to the Building Consent (BC) process. The client was extremely patient through the RC process and was ready to make amendments and changes to ensure that the ultimate design package still achieved their requirements. 

The client also spent a lot of time ensuring that the finishes and materials were going to suit their requirements. We have had to accommodate interior doors coming from the UK, along with kitchen cabinetry from Germany. 

Getting Resource Consent for the concept that we presented to Council has been a real highlight of the process. Our beliefs in responding to the historical ordinances and attitudes of the Council officers and ensuring that the product we devised was truly an outstanding design and a great result for the whole team. 

Proposed studio was built first. In keeping with the character of the existing house – timber weatherboard wall cladding with timber window framing and COLORSTEEL® roofing to match existing.  

The new two-storey house has 4 bedrooms with 4 bathrooms. A more modern/contemporary look – a mixture of white brick veneer, black aluminium Nu-Wall cladding and black aluminium double glazed windows. The two (2) high pitch roofs overlaid in corrugated iron roofing sheets with a flat membrane roof system between.  

Each level has its own deck, off the living room – first floor overlooks the city and iconic Sky Tower; ground floor deck sits just above lush gardens lovingly landscaped by the owner. 

Credit:  Photos & Video by SEN ART Visual Lab. 


View Rd 39
View Rd 4
View Rd 1
View Rd 3
View Rd 5
View Rd 7
View Rd 6
View Rd 8
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View Rd 9
View Rd 10
View Rd 11
View Rd 12
View Rd 13
View Rd 14
View Rd 15
View Rd 16
View Rd 17
View Rd 18
View Rd 19
View Rd 20
View Rd 21
View Rd 22
View Rd 23
View Rd 24
View Rd 25
View Rd 26
View Rd 27
View Rd 28
View Rd 29
View Rd 30
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Roberton Road, Avondale Heights

Welcome to another exciting development in Avondale Heights.

Elevated on the hills of Avondale, Roberton Residence is a brand new development consisting of nine modern, architecturally designed three-bedroom homes.

Each home has been built to the highest standard, a respectable 6 Homestar™ NZGBC rating for warmer, drier, and more environmentally friendly homes. The interior offers a modern, thoughtfully designed layout of an open plan kitchen, living, and dining room, opening to a beautifully landscaped private courtyard. 

The stunning kitchen features an engineered stone benchtop, efficient designer tapware, and European appliances completed with a chic LED lit subway tiled splashback. The bathroom offers superior finishings with wall-to-floor tiles, high-quality cabinetry, and soft close drawers.

Situated in a prime location in the central Auckland suburb of Avondale, Roberton Residence is surrounded by reserves, parks, harbour views, public transport, and easy motorway access. Avondale shops and train station are only a 10-minute walk away, SH16 on-ramp and Waterview Tunnel entrance a 3-minute drive, and Auckland CBD a 14-minute drive.

The homes at Roberton Residence are sure to impress and built with low-maintenance living and longevity in mind.


  • Roberton Residence, Roberton Road, Avondale Heights
  • Elevated site
  • Views of the Waitakere Ranges
  • 9 Freehold Homes
  • 3 Bedrooms
  • 3 Bathrooms (Lot 1 – 3)
  • 1.5 Bathroom (Lot 4 – 9)
  • Private Courtyard
  • Private Off-Street Carparks


  • In zone for Avondale College
  • 10-Year Master Build Guarantee
  • 2.7m Ground Floor Stud Height
  • GIB Barrierline Intertenancy Wall System
  • Landscaping Design by Nick Robinson
  • Private Off-Street Carparks
  • Internal Garage (Lot 1 – 3)


  • Targeting 6 Homestar™ Rating
  • Independent Rating Tool
  • Warmer, Healthier and Drier Homes
  • Water-Saving Efficient Tapware
  • High Quality Heat Pump Included
  • ANZ Healthy Home Loan Package (subject to eligibility criteria)


Roberton Rd 26
Roberton Rd 1
Roberton Rd 2
Roberton Rd 7
Roberton Rd 8
Roberton Rd 32
Roberton Rd 33
Roberton Rd 9
Roberton Rd 31
Roberton Rd 25
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Roberton Rd 16
Roberton Rd 6
Roberton Rd 13
Roberton Rd 27
Roberton Rd 5
Roberton Rd 23
Roberton Rd 19
Roberton Rd 28
Roberton Rd 20
Roberton Rd 30
Roberton Rd 21
Roberton Rd 29
Roberton Rd 7
Roberton Rd 8
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These 9 architecturally designed and built homes are perfect in offering the best value in a highly desirable location.

Developer: TDG Development Co. Builder: BCG CONSTRUCTION.  

BRONZE Registered Master Builders 2023 House of the Year for excellence in workmanship, creativity and innovation in the Multi Unit (Apartments/Duplexes/Terrace Housing) category.

Totara Road, Manurewa

Situated in the heart of Manurewa, Totara Terraces is an ideal abode for any first home buyer or investor, boasting a coveted freehold title in an untapped area poised for growth. With its strategic positioning and affordable price point Totara Terraces provides those who purchased a secure investment and a promising future in this burgeoning community.

Overlooking Manurewa South Primary School, plus an outlook of the Bombay Hills, Totara Terraces comprises eight generously proportioned, north-facing two-bedroom terrace homes* that surpass the average dimensions of terrace residences in the area. Each has an open plan layout designed for generous air flow, ample natural light, a courtyard and lush landscaping, plus a private carpark.

*Options – 2 bed + 2 bath or 2 bed + 1 bath.

Timeless Design

Totara Terraces have substantial windows to optimise natural light, all homes are spacious and open plan, with a focus on modern living and take advantage of the surrounding environment. The view over the vast field means the ample living only has more room to breathe, so you can wake up to a wide open space every day, without the sacrifice of privacy.

Every detail of the terrace homes has a deliberate intention, prioritising the provision of ample space for residents while employing materials known for their durability and aesthetically pleasing designs. This meticulous approach reflects a commitment to creating an environment that not only endures the test of time but also enhances the overall quality of life for those who inhabit them. From the layout of spaces to the selection of materials, every decision made with the resident’s comfort and well-being in mind, resulting in spaces that not only stand resilient against wear and tear but also exude a sense of inviting elegance.

The homes architecturally designed for north-facing sun and to give as much space as possible into the home making it feel bigger than an average two-bedroom home. Focusing on a modern contemporary style allows the home to maintain value and be timeless for years to come.

The chosen materials have the sturdiness and strength to suit a young family or an investor looking for a strong house with solid foundations. Additionally, the communal lemon trees and stunning landscaping will build the community of neighbours at Totara Terraces.

The external features comprise of Ribraft concrete slab foundations, walls clad in dark Linea Oblique weatherboard, light grey brickery with roofs constructed using timber trusses and corrugated COLORSTEEL longrun metal roofing with trapezoidal profile. All units built using powder coated aluminium joinery on external doors and double glazed external windows. In terms of landscaping – site is fully planted with a mixture of native and exotic plans, grasses and trees, outdoor areas with paving, grass lawns and shrubs.

Interior features – the kitchen has modern stainless steel appliances including an electric four element cooktop, a rangehood extraction, oven and dishwasher, standard engineered stone benchtop. Bathrooms are well ventilated and fitted with a heated towel rail, mirror, soft close toilet and chrome bath fittings, showers are tiled floor to ceiling with nib entry and frameless shower glass. Laminated timber flooring installed on the ground floor, whilst first floor carpeted throughout, use of natural materials evident in the timber staircases with timber balustrades.

Totara Terraces project, exclusive terrace housing in Manurewa designed for the surroundings and constructed to New Zealand healthy home standards, complete with a Master Builder 10 Year Guarantee.


Totara Rd 1
Totara Rd 2
Totara Rd 3
Totara Rd 4
Totara Rd 5
Totara Rd 6
Totara Rd 7
Totara Rd 8
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Totara Road 1
Totara Road 2
Totara Road 3
Totara Road 4
Totara Road 5
Totara Road 6
Totara Road 7
Totara Road 8
Totara Road 9
Totara Road 10
Totara Road 11
Totara Road 12
Totara Road 13
Totara Road 14
Totara Road 15
Totara Road 16
Totara Road 17
Totara Road 18
Totara Road 19
Totara Road 20
Totara Road 21
Totara Road 22
Totara Road 23
Totara Road 24
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Yeovil Road, Te Atatu Peninsula

A New Life for an Existing Property – Design, Subdivide & Build

BCG GROUP were appointed to construct three dwellings on a site with an existing dwelling, resulting in four dwellings across the site; three terrace houses at front, retaining wall within front yard, shared vehicle accessway.

Working in partnership; BCG ARCHITECTURE were entrusted to produce and submit final drawings that met the required building, landscaping and impervious area coverages required to successfully obtain Council approval.

BCG CONSTRUCTION set the groundworks phase of the project in motion; clearing of site, bulk fill and driveway preparation, civil works, install new public stormwater and wastewater extensions/connections to utilities and private common vehicle accessway, which provided the platform for establishing the foundations for the terrace houses to start taking shape.

The housing is purposefully designed to fit the site to allow for front yard landscaping and protect the privacy and daylight access for the neighbouring sites by respecting the yards, height and alternative height in relation to boundary standards. Passive surveillance of the street is provided through front glazing and the outdoor spaces to the front of the dwelling. Although the garage door is at the front, it is not dominating as it is setback just over three metres from the front boundary and as it is a single garage, the door does not take up a large part of the front facade.

The building with modulation and differing heights provide interest and break up the longer elevations. On the southern facade, the third storey is set back with roof forms at the second storey. On the northern face, the dwellings have been differentiated with different setbacks and decks that are inset so as not to reduce privacy for the adjacent units. Varied materials used; brick, shiplap and glass help to provide interest and both differentiate the units and visually break up the length, helps to mitigate any dominance effects and ensure the development does not appear overly dominant on the site.

The dwellings use the alternative height to boundary measurement at the front and with the narrow end facing the street so that it presents the street as a single three-storey dwelling. Any feeling of dominance towards the street has been reduced as part of the building at the front is two-storey in character and the design uses different cladding to add interest to the facade. Further, the front unit can be accessed from the street by using pedestrian access, while the rear two dwellings also have a separate pedestrian access provided from the street. This helps to provide wayfinding and a positive interaction with the street. The glazing at the front, as well as the balcony and outdoor space at the front of the site, helps to provide passive surveillance over the street. Further, vehicle accessways are able to be used safely with no risk to the wider environment, pedestrians or any neighbouring persons using their own vehicle access.

The developer/investor and residents have reassurance and peace of mind in knowing that their homes have been constructed using materials confidently chosen for their classic aesthetic appeal and durability.

Speaking of material specs; joinery is residential grade powder coated aluminium and head flashings, safety glazing, pine decking with aluminium & glass balustrade, James Hardie Linea cladding and Oblique weatherboards vertically fixed, MetalCraft fascia, roofing gutter systems and pressed metal roofing tiles, timber & steel fencing, Midland Brick in AZTEC traditional arctic white, outdoor hot water cylinders, timber roof rafters to fit skillion roof, earthwool insulation, laminated timber flooring, Feltex carpet, Bosch appliances, security and fire alarms reinforce the robustness of the terrace house dwellings.

BCG GROUP, Design & Build.

Photos & Video produced by Sen Art Visual Lab


Yeovil Rd 1
Yeovil Rd 2
Yeovil Rd 6
Yeovil Rd 7
Yeovil Rd 8
Yeovil Rd 9
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Yeovil Rd 15
Yeovil Rd 16
Yeovil Rd 30
Yeovil Rd 31
Yeovil Rd 17
Yeovil Rd 29
Yeovil Rd 18
Yeovil Rd 19
Yeovil Rd 20
Yeovil Rd 22
Yeovil Rd 21
Yeovil Rd 23
Yeovil Rd 24
Yeovil Rd 25
Yeovil Rd 26
Yeovil Rd 27
Yeovil Rd 28
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Halsey Drive, Lynfield

A 3-Lot Development on an Elevated 809m2 Site

The primary objective of this project is to create a 3-lot development, necessitating the demolition of an existing house. Each lot carefully designed and built to offer modern, comfortable living spaces. The development is to follow a well-structured sequence of completion to avoid disruptions and streamline construction activities. With Lot 1 already completed end of April, this achievement will lay the groundwork for the subsequent lots. Each lot’s handover meticulously managed to maintain the overall project timeline.

The initial challenge in this project involved the existing home situated on an elevated 809m2 site. To make way for the envisioned 3-lot development, it was necessary to demolish the existing house, clearing the site ready for civil and construction works to be carried out.

Lot 1, the first completed lot, spans a footprint area of 266m2 and boasts a carefully planned layout divided between the ground and first floors. The design prioritises space optimisation and contemporary aesthetics, ensuring residents experience comfortable and stylish living.

As one enters Lot 1, the convenience of the thoughtfully located carpark outside the front entrance becomes apparent. The entrance leads to a short hallway that converges into two main directions. To the right, an expansive living area welcomes with large windows and sliding glass doors, inviting ample natural light into the entire space. To the left of the hallway are two sizeable bedrooms, one of which boasts an ensuite bathroom. Additionally, a full bathroom on the ground floor ensures convenience and functionality for all occupants.

Ascending to the first floor, a magnificent and spacious lounge area with large A-frame windows, glass sliding doors to the external deck unfolds. The windows and glass sliding doors flood the room with natural light, creating a warm and inviting ambiance whilst providing stunning views of the surrounding environment. The lounge area stretches across to the dining and kitchen spaces which are superbly finished to exude contemporary elegance. Also located on this floor is the master bedroom with an ensuite bathroom, offering a private retreat, ensures comfort and functionality while still feeling connected to the heart of the home.

Throughout Lot 1, a simple yet contemporary colour palette has been carefully applied to accentuate the beauty of the home. The interior and exterior showcase a modern and elegant aesthetic. Materials were selected for their quality, durability, and ability to enhance the contemporary style.

Interior materials – black powder-coated aluminium framing, glass balustrades with stainless steel handrails, laminated flooring, and engineered benchtops enhance the modern feel of the property. Bosch appliances in the kitchen add both functionality and style. Additionally, all bathrooms boast underfloor heating and are elegantly tiled from wall to floor, while bedrooms feature plush carpeting for comfort.

External materials – Colorsteel roofing pitched at 40-45 degrees ensures durability and weather resistance. The facia and spouting complement the roofing, contributing to the property’s sleek appearance. Vertical shiplap timber weatherboards exude a timeless charm, while the aluminium joinery and double-glazed windows provide energy efficiency and ample natural light. James Hardie panel adds a touch of contemporary elegance to the façade, glass balustrade fixed to the wood deck enhances safety without obstructing scenic views. Additionally, a timber retaining wall adds both visual appeal and structural integrity to the landscape.

With Lot 1 completed, its thoughtful design, contemporary colour palette and use of quality materials have set the standard for Lots 2 and 3 which are in progress and continue to take shape. The significance of careful planning, meticulous execution and attention to detail in creating a stylish and functional residential development that meets the demands of modern living and quality of life for its residents.


Halsey Dr 1
Halsey Dr 2
Halsey Dr 3
Halsey Dr 4
Halsey Dr 5
Halsey Dr 6
Halsey Dr 7
Halsey Dr 8
Halsey Dr 9
Halsey Dr 10
Halsey Dr 11
Halsey Dr 12
Halsey Dr 13
Halsey Dr 14
Halsey Dr 15
Halsey Dr 16
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Halsey Dr 17
Halsey Dr 18
Halsey Dr 19
Halsey Dr 20
Halsey Dr 21
Halsey Dr 22
Halsey Dr 23
Halsey Dr 24
Halsey Dr 25
Halsey Dr 26
Halsey Dr 27
Halsey Dr 28
Halsey Dr 29
Halsey Dr 30
Halsey Dr 31
Halsey Dr 32
Halsey Dr 33
Halsey Dr 34
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Aramoana Avenue, Devonport

Challenge presented, redesign and build a new home on a smaller elevated site to fit effortlessly in Devonport, one of Auckland’s most historic suburbs. Bearing in mind, very passionate and well versed in building process – homeowners accomplished three new home builds and 6 or 7 renovations in as many years.

The design necessitated forethought in terms of space and functionality for the family, how best to maximise indoor and outdoor areas, and take advantage of the sun. Owners wanted a high quality build without over-extending capital which meant we needed to achieve the right proportions, and some indulgence allowed for the right materials.

Crafted with sensibility and functionality in mind, this two level home is set to impress the moment you step through the front door. The heart of the residence is filled with an abundance of north facing light and opens to a superb open plan kitchen, dining and living areas, with a natural flow to the deck and outdoor courtyard. At the opposite end of the is the study, media room and single garage. Upstairs are three spacious bedrooms plus a master bedroom with ensuite, each having a nice view of the city and harbour bridge. Flexibility in the design allowed family to build a little trap door between the children’s bedrooms – a fun play space and connectivity with each other.

The Devonport home is a true reflection of how you can utilise space on small size – shows how urban living can still facilitate family living.

“If we were to build again, would we use BCG – definitely. I think it’s that mix of managing our budgets and quality of build, and the relationship with everyone at BCG”.

One year on, homeowners have again, commission BCG GROUP to fulfil the design & build of another new home.


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