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New Year, New Beginnings…

8 January, 2020

We know Commercial Fit Outs can be a huge investment and undertaking so getting it right, on time and within budget are key factors to successfully completing the project. We also know clients are very sensitive when it comes to budgets so make it a priority to discover what financial resource is available. The more transparency, the better.

These types of projects require expert advice from Commercial Interior Decorators as they are responsible for supplying working and finished plans including hospitality functions & commercial grade equipment, utilities, access, HVAC systems, furnishings & fittings, etc. You’ll also need to engage the services of a Fire Engineer and Council representative to undertake necessary inspections and relevant certification i.e. final inspection, Code of Compliance.

Having a good grasp on the timeframe of the project is also an advantage but it pays to keep in mind that the timeline can be variable dependent on size and scope of work.

Putting all the elements together can be a mammoth task so you want to be able to put your trust and faith in a construction company that can manage the entire project from design plans to completion of the fit out, final inspection and Code of Compliance.

If you’re looking for a reputable Commercial Fit Out company for your next project, why not get in touch with BCG Construction now, we’ll keep it simple.

New Year, New Beginnings…