BCG Construction has won praise from all customers for its excellent construction quality and warm service. Although it has not done advertisements in the past ten years, it has built up a wide customer base because of its reputation. The company’s professional, rigorous and flexible management philosophy has won the unanimous recognition of its peers, and has also repeatedly obtained internal and external industry certifications and awards.

Finalist of 2017 Westpac Business Award

New Zealand Westpac Bank’s 2017 Outstanding Enterprise Award

2016 Master Builders Certification

Master Builders of the New Zealand Master Builders Association has been in the construction industry for more than 100 years and represents the voice of the construction industry. In 2016, they issued a qualification certificate to BCG Construction and became a proud member of the association.

2016 BCITO Certificate of Appreciation

A certificate of appreciation issued by the New Zealand Construction Industry Training Organization in 2016 recognizes BCG Construction’s support and contribution to industry training.

2016 SITESAFE Membership Certificate

SITE SAFE is an organization that unofficially cares for the health and safety of workers in the New Zealand construction industry, aiming to build a safer and healthier construction environment. BCG obtained its membership certificate in 2016.

Sustainable Development BCG CONSTRUCTION

In order to make the company more sustainable, BCG Construction attaches great importance to the protection of the environment and health while paying attention to quality, progress, and service, and has the courage to take social responsibility. BCG is a member of the New Zealand Site Safe Association. All employees participate in Site Safe’s safety class training and have a site safety card. They have a health and safety production management system BCG Health and Safety Management System. The New Zealand industry safety standards also establish a site-specific safety plan for each project site.

BCG has always believed that it is not only the House but also the Value and Responsibility that the company provides to the owners. In the design and construction process of BCG Construction, the company actively promoted and adopted green recycled building materials, designed energy-saving and emission-reducing construction plans and processes, and timely dealt with construction waste that may cause pollution. Together with customers, suppliers and partners, BCG Construction strives to maintain the sustainable development of the same blue sky and constantly maintains its commitment to environmental protection and health.

Our Services

We have a reputation for completing complex and challenging projects to the highest industry standards, safely, on time and within budget.