Brothers Construction Group is a long-established excavation company in Auckland. We’re excavation contractors, providing a comprehensive range of excavation and earthmoving services.

Our BCG machines are fully licensed and fully insured. Our operators have extensive experience and knowledge to handle any job in an efficient and professional manner. Our range is from small to medium excavation, capable of going through houses and digging under them.Other reasons for excavations may include:

  • pool fill in and digs
  • new home builders
  • excavation for construction of all kinds
  • landscaping, including ponds and retaining walls
  • plumbing
  • footings and leveling
  • under house work
  • driveway preparations
  • concrete break-ins
  • new construction sites
  • excavations for new subdivisions
  • driveway construction and related work
  • demolition excavations
  • patio construction
  • paths and garden paths
  • swimming pool excavation
  • land clearance
  • driveway preparations
  • post hole drilling
  • tree excavation and removal
  • basement construction
  • site drainage works

With our well-established system, we strive to achieve the needs of our customers to get their satisfaction whilst maintaining the value of our employees.

Exceeding Quality and Safety Standards

If you’re looking for experienced excavation contractors in Auckland, we can do any job efficiently and within your time frame. We carry out our works on a strictly best-practice basis. Our expert excavators and operators deliver the highest standards of work.

We ensure that proper safety measures are in place at all times to minimize possible risks and hazards at all stages of excavation and related works. Our scope includes a comprehensive range of site excavations for dwellings, renovations, home upgrades and similar operations.


Free Quotes

As part of our customized excavation and earth moving services throughout Auckland, we are proud to provide free quotes. We offer competitive quotes and make sure that you're fully aware of all aspects of the project's excavation requirements beforehand.

​We can also provide you with fast turnaround times whenever you want excavation or related work done. Our diggers and truck hire services with operators/drivers are available immediately for contract work.

If you'd like to enquire about our services, call BCG on 09 828 6699 or contact Charles directly on 027 519 9139. We'll be happy to provide any guidance and information you require for your project.

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